Rapunzel, a Freudian Fairy-tale



 As a group we had to take an original Fairy-tale and using Freud’s schoolings, analyse the story.

Click here to read the original Fairy-tale

Freudian interpretation:

Rapunzel’s character in this story is interesting. The story states that Rapunzel is locked away at 12 years of age. According to Freud, this places her in the genital stage of psychosexual development. She is naive due to a lack of relationships in her life, and also due to her solitary confinement. Upon meeting the prince she is frightened as he is like an alien creature to her, however her instinctual urges and libido cause her to be attracted to him. We also discover that a sexual relationship was quickly built, as we discover that Rapunzel gives birth to twins by the end of the fairytale.

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One Response to Rapunzel, a Freudian Fairy-tale

  1. sorchajdoyle says:

    Thank you, it was an interesting topic to study.

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